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We are a Christian ministry committed to helping the Church start and strengthen her ministries to men, marriages, and families so that they reflect the unconditional love of God to the world. We present over 100 Biblically-based family life workshops a year and have ministered to over 70,000 families.

Feeding the Fire

Building and maintaining a love relationship is a lot like starting and feeding a fire. You sparked a friendship, added some kindling through flirting, and as you invested more time and energy through dating, you placed larger pieces of wood onto the flames making them burn brighter.

Soon, you had built a roaring fire and got married believing that those fiery feelings of commitment and love would never die down. But then reality hits and you realize that if that fire isn’t tended, those flames will falter.

    We believe strong families build strong churches and communities and that strong families are nurtured by a healthy marriages. That is what Fan the Flame Dates is all about, giving you the tools to help strengthen your marriage.    

Bruce McCracken



Jeff Kime

Executive Producer


"Fan the Flame Dates" is a ministry of hotrfm.org

About 75% of our support comes from gifts from our generous supporters. The additional 25% comes from speaking fees generated from our “live” talks with groups. If you would like to make a contribution to “Fan the Flame Dates” you use the donate link below.

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